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About Me


|nih - koh - let|

18 | Sydney, Australia

Also known as the girl who has a habit of falling in love with white-haired characters at first sight. Eg: my guardian of the storm and my precious speedster prince.

I tend to dissapear for weeks at a time, for the reason that am I either rping either here or here.

I also happen to be in somewhat of an anime phase, no one mind me.




i need like 40 more followers hell yeah

what do you need them for

were taking north korea by sundown

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119106   •   May 20th, 2014   •   VIA: life-death-doughnuts   •   SRC: swarnpert



You think being bisexual is twice the opportunity? Nah its just double the disappointment that I’m still single


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Are you ready for Free! 2nd season? | inspired by 

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Favorite Character 


Vote for your Favorite Character!

I would like my followers to vote for their favorite characters based on my “current” Top 10 Anime. I could have added a lot of more Anime to the list but then it would be endless, so I decided to pick 10 to choose your favorite characters from. You can choose only 1 Character per Anime [I’m sorry I have no idea how to create these things so a friend made this for me OTL]

You will be able to vote until June 1st & I’m gonna make graphics with the results of the survey/poll thingy. 

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i’m so sorry

Well this one is improvised…

54428   •   May 20th, 2014   •   VIA: keep-calm-and-watch-anime   •   SRC: ursinity


Fangirl Challenge: 5/? favorite male characters

Rin Matsuoka

1917   •   May 20th, 2014   •   VIA: shizacchi   •   SRC: shizacchi

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11715   •   May 19th, 2014   •   VIA: ryugazakey   •   SRC:
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Kuroshitsuji 92 » That Butler, Service.

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6128   •   May 19th, 2014   •   VIA: naotarou   •   SRC: senj0ugahara


Teens react to Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

12941   •   May 19th, 2014   •   VIA: ayatoh   •   SRC: thuglevi

something i spent way too much time making for my own enjoyment


something i spent way too much time making for my own enjoyment

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16940   •   May 19th, 2014   •   VIA: imayoshishouichi   •   SRC: hitokah
Yes, the world is a vulnerable place and yes, we help make it that way. But we’re also the ones best qualified to defend it.

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34493   •   May 19th, 2014   •   VIA: drleospacemanmd   •   SRC: hiddlesy

I can’t believe this


I can’t believe this


26755   •   May 19th, 2014   •   VIA: foulplaythoughts   •   SRC: pthalocyanine
Last December. That’s the last time I was really happy. Six months clean. Longest period of time I’d gone without using since I was a kid in the White House. The fishbowl, you know? As they call it. The bubble around the President’s family.

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A warning to the people, the good and the evil
This is war
To the soldier, the civilian, the martyr, the victim
This is war
2160   •   May 19th, 2014   •   VIA: aruarlert   •   SRC: ohmikasaa