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|nih - koh - let|

18 | Sydney, Australia | Possible starting a Communist Revolution.

Also known as the girl who has a habit of falling in love with white-haired characters at first sight. Eg: my guardian of the storm and my precious speedster prince.

"Sometimes I imagine if I had a sister who went to parties and didn't complain about the government." - my sister

I tend to dissapear for weeks at a time, for the reason that am I either rping either here or here.

I also happen to be in somewhat of an anime phase, no one mind me.

I have the feeling they’ll pull a Northstar one with Cassie. 


remember when everyone was “ooh, he died” then ten issues later he came back as evil? So…

I THOUGHT IT WAS NOVEMBER!!!! brb. I have to kill my hopes and dreams.

I THOUGHT IT WAS NOVEMBER!!!! brb. I have to kill my hopes and dreams.

I get so excited when a new a:cc cover comes out…and then I cry when Tommy isn’t on it… 

so when nine comes out, I know that someone dies in eight, and the one person who isn’t there is what I expected…and I feel like I’ve been shot in the chest.


Tommy Shepherd.

Thomas freaking Shepherd/Maximoff/whatever we call him now.

And I know it’s him. He’s the only one not there. WHO ELSE! WHY?

Fuck you Allan Heinberg. Even though you’re on my wall of legends and you’re actually my hero, this just…i can’t even put it words how much..I-

Fuck everyone. Fuck my life.