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18 | Sydney, Australia | Possible starting a Communist Revolution.

Also known as the girl who has a habit of falling in love with white-haired characters at first sight. Eg: my guardian of the storm and my precious speedster prince.

"Sometimes I imagine if I had a sister who went to parties and didn't complain about the government." - my sister

I tend to dissapear for weeks at a time, for the reason that am I either rping either here or here.

I also happen to be in somewhat of an anime phase, no one mind me.


Avengers: Children’s Crusade #9


• The big climax that sets the stage big time for what is to come in 2012!
• Deaths and departures!
• The funeral of an Avenger.
• The final fate of the Scarlet Witch.
• A new lineup and a new direction for the Young Avengers.

Sad Preview…

39   •   Feb 02nd, 2012   •   VIA: crashbaby   •   SRC: crashbaby
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